Sunday, August 10, 2014

Can You Hear Me Now?

I thought this to be indicative of many current-family separations -- each to his own world unconnected to the other . . .  Sad
  The background "art" is artist Danh Vo's parts of the Statue of Liberty apparently spread all over New York City,  some in exhibits thereabouts.

story of the statue parts


  1. True, sad and so common sight nowadays. And saddest of all, people do not even notice it. Separate lives together...:)

  2. Yes I hear you. The social fabric of families will desentigrate and communication will disappear along with the most important human way to stay connected, that is eye contact.

  3. Nice statue The problem here is the same. The number of single parents outnumber families I just survived but now things are great I think my expectations changed.

  4. Happy May Day
    Hope all is well

  5. A sad but good photo in that it tells a story!